Big Pharma Companies And How They Can Affect Your Health

Pharmaceutical companies have grown over the years to become huge multinational conglomerates with presences world-wide. They claim to be always researching new ways to treat different illnesses that many people suffer from, creating revolutionary new drugs and medicine on a yearly basis. But is all that medicine really good for you on the long run? Are all pharmaceutical companies to be trusted?
One of the biggest problems with big pharma companies and new drugs is the fact that most them are tested internally, within the company and 90% of those tests are industry sponsored. What that actually means, is that the company itself controls the outcome of those clinical tests and has control over what is published to the public and what is not. There is a huge difference between industry sponsored and independent tests, as independent tests usually publish every detail and effect the drug has, even if the effects are mostly negative, which would lead to the drug being discarded. In-company tests are usually coming up as positive and fit for public use, and those positive results are usually not left to chance as author Ben Goldacre details in his book, Bad Pharma.A good example of this practice would be the drug Reboxetine, which was widely lauded as a really effective anti-depressant with incredible results.
Until back in 2010 a test on over 2000 people showed clear proof that the drug was not more effective then a regular placebo, meaning that it heavily relied on the patient telling him or herself that the drug actually has good effects on him or her. It`s exactly like having a huge headache and someone telling you to take a pill which will make it go away. After it does, you ask what the pill was and get told that it was actually a simple Vitamin C pill. The placebo effect is all about self-suggestion. But that fact did not stop Reboxetine to be sold a million times worldwide, with professional psychiatrists prescribing it to their patients, simply because they did not have enough information about it. And that is because the drug tests were all done internally within the company, and the company released what information they wanted and left out the rest. Of course the pharmaceutical company made a lot of money but did not much to actually help patients suffering from depression. And Reboxetine is just one such example. The sad thing is, that this is common occurrence and does not even break any rules into illegality, as Goldacre also details in his book.
Besides the misleading of doctors and health care workers world-wide, practices like these are potentially life threatening. Withholding test information on drugs can lead to wrong treatment procedures for patients suffering serious illnesses and the doctors themselves prescribing flawed medicine cannot even be blamed. They heavily rely on information given to them by health organizations, who, themselves might have limited data available on trial and test results of medications. And with a budget of millions of dollars yearly spent on marketing campaigns world-wide about the effectiveness of groundbreaking new medicine developed by pharma companies, it can be really easy to trust and recommend it. Besides that, is the fact that international health organizations like MHRA or EMA, who should be supervising, cataloging and ultimate having the last word if a drug is fit and good for use, are themselves susceptible to lobbying by big pharma companies who outclass them financially by a huge margin. It is all akin to being bullied in high school. And all because there is a possibility for millions of dollars in profit for the big company.
Another good example of bad pharma practices would be the fact that in 2010 key scientists advising the World Health Organization, WHO, about the swine flu epidemic had been found to have been on the payroll of pharma companies producing the flu drug Tamiflu. And there was also potentially massive income to be had by selling the drug as a preventing measure and profiting from the hysteria around the new sickness that has been all around media world-wide. That being said, not all pharmaceutical campanies are all bad or do shady practices. There surely are a lot of them who have the best interest of patience at heart. But most of them are sadly more concerned with profit then actually helping people suffering from disease or conditions. And the worst thing is that doctors and health institutions still trust them more then alternative ways of treatment.
A good example for this would be the practice that in hospitals all over the world, doctors are all too quick to prescribe anti-biotics for just about anything, from a common cold to a simple infection. Besides the fact that anti-biotics are really expensive and directly translate to a lot of money into the pharma company`s pocket that sells them, there are several medical studies that show that prolonged and constant use of anti-biotics actually make bacteria and viruses immune to their effects. There is even a prediction that in 50 years anti-biotics won`t have any effect at all on disease causing agents and illnesses like the flu or pneumonia will become extremely dangerous once again, because of the over abuse of anti-biotic drugs.
And through all of this, doctors still avoid alternative medicine based on plants, extracts and anything different from chemical medicine and won`t really prescribe them, even though there are a lot of studies showing great results with alternative treatment methods. The doctors themselves are misinformed and the pharma companies profit from it. After all, there is not much money to be made from simple herbal medicine that is widely available, right?
Pharmaceutical companies can definitely negatively affect your health if you are not aware of what is going on. The medical business is just like any other business. The main aim is to sell a product and make money. With not much regard to actually delivering a helpful product. You should always be aware of the medicine you take or the treatment you receive and always be open minded about more healthy and natural alternatives that can effectively help you, without side effects and at a much lower cost.

Five Martial Arts Forms That Can Help You Stay Healthy

Going to the gym and doing the same old routine that barely yields results can be unfulfilling to say the very least. How about staying fit/healthy, constantly changing up the routine and learning self defense in the process. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

  1. Judo

  2. Judo, more than any other martial art form, will help you strengthen your body through they many techniques its utilizes that involve throwing your opponent. Also, the sheer volume of techniques you need to practice on a regular basis will aid your health on a cardiovascular level.

  3. Kickboxing

  4. Kickboxing is, by far, the best cardiovascular workout on the list. The high pace of these training sessions is what really pushes the heart-pumping results. Training kickboxing regularly will result in a slim cut and toned physique. You can find out more about these at

  5. Kalaripayattu

  6. This is another fat-burning martial arts form in that it is a very fast paced and energetic for of exercise. The form is all about taking your body’s powers to the next level and reaching your full potential physically.

  7. Taekwondo

  8. Taekwondo is best for your legs and core because it involves a lot of lower body strength techniques as well as many different types of kicks. This will help you cut weight yet build up your body at the same time.

  9. Capoeira

  10. This is probably the most interesting martial arts form on the list. Capoeira is a combination of dance, fighting forms and acrobatics. The wide variety in this form causes great muscle confusion which causes results to occur very quickly.

How Tai Chi Is Helping Turn Back The Clock On Age Related Illness

Tai Chi has always been a martial art that is widely considered to help mental fortitude and overall mental health but doesn’t really have many self defense benefits. It’s now been proven that it can help people defend themselves from age-related mental degeneration. This age old art, as it turns out, can help keep your mind sharp and stave off diseases like Alzheimers through the unification of the mind and the body through martial arts movement conditioning.This simply means that Tai Chi can help prevent mental diseases that disassociate people’s minds and body’s by keeping the bond between the two strong through mental focus and simultaneous physical conditioning. This year the public will really get a chance to learn more about this at the 5th Annual Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo in Burlington, Massachusetts through a workshop with renowned martial artist, Calvin Chin. He will also perform the workshop in Plano, Texas later in the year at
The workshop will be titled “An Introduction to Tai Chi Paradigm” and it will show attendees of the conference the true mental benefits of Tai Chi and how it can help prevent age-related degeneration. Chin, himself, is extremely accomplished in the martial arts world and has been training for over fifty five years and still trains daily at the age of seventy. So, he is a prime example of the benefits of this program. Check out the demonstration he did below for a better idea of what to expect.